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GLOWSTONE surfaces offer unique advantages and properties in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and technical features. Explore the details of

CARE AND MAINTENANCE by clicking the PDF below

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Those who value beauty, luxury and durability for their home decor, Glowstone is the right choice. Glowstone, an engineered Quartz stone, reflects strength of Quartz and style of exclusive granite.

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When grease from cooking is an issue, use a basic degreasing product, to help loosen and remove the grease from the surface. Always follow the product manufacturer's instructions for use.

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Casual exposure to alkaline solutionswill not damage Glowstone surfaces. Highly alkaline (high pH) cleaners, such as oven cleaners and concentrated bleach, are not recommended to be used on Glowstone surfaces.

Our Vision


Kitchen Slab Culture

Glowstone evolves its range of surfaces to conquer the most demanding and innovative designs. Quartz slabs represent a natural and safe evolution, they coordinate our aesthetics and great flexibility, to offer new spaces dedicated to show cooking.


Diverse Demand Of Clients​

Glowstone Quartz Surfaces catering to diverse demand of clients across the Globe respecting delivery deadlines and honouring its customers with quality products. The wide product range is available in slabs, and cut sizes with different style, size and finish.


Aesthetic Passions Of Contemporary Living

Through our materials we express the same aesthetic passions of contemporary living. Whether they are brilliant marble effects or textured cements, we interpret the most innovative trends under the sign of research aimed at beauty and technological performance.


Quartz is also recyclable. Some quartz countertops are even made with post-consumer recycled glass.

In general, quartz is also regarded for its low emissions, and it can help contribute LEED points during a green building or redesign job.

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons people like quartz countertops. However, functionality and appearance are not the only considerations. Sustainability is also important.

After all, your countertops do more than change the look of your home. The production, manufacturing and installation of your quartz countertops can leave an impact on the environment.

When looking at the sustainability of quartz, first consider its availability. Unlike granite or marble, which must be specially mined from specific locations, quartz is readily available throughout the world. In fact, it is the second most abundant mineral on the planet. Therefore, there are ample quartz supplies, and its formation is prevalent. It forms between other rock formations either underground or in open cavities.

Because quartz is so easy to access, it is also easy to mine effectively. Accordingly, there are more local mines. This means quartz is not usually shipped from great distances, which reduces the environmental toll and boosts sustainability.

The sustainable advantages do not end there. When being processed, quartz does not need special handling. Therefore, fewer pieces are damaged or lost during the process, and waste is minimised and recycled water can be used for its finishing.

Other benefits are longer lasting. Quartz endures longer than many other materials, and this means that it does not need to be replaced as often.

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